Vidyut Vahan is a concept of vehicles which are the alternate of diesel and petrol vehicles. nowadays you all know that our air and noise pollution is breaking the permissible limits. vidyut Vahan also helps us to decrease the dependency of crude oil of India on other countries,
with the help of our website, we are informing you about the benefits of electric vehicles. VIDYUT VAHAN will also helpful in cleaning our environment, it is the purest form of energy and it is far cheaper than the conventional source like diesel and petrol. we are exploring all the electric vehicles and manufacturing industries of electric vehicles, so that in future we all are much aware of electric vehicles and shift our conventional diesel and petrol vehicles to electric vehicles, to make our environment cleaner and greener.

Vidyut Vahan is also discussing why not electric vehicles popular in India, what type of problems we are facing to introduce the electric vehicles in India. Also giving information about the industries who are working on the concept of electric vehicles. what are measurement steps taken by the government to introduce electric vehicles in India what policies are formed by MODI GOVERNMENT to take the concept of electric vehicles in India.